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Who is HoneyWick

As a boutique website design and marketing firm, our team partners closely with our clients in a way that might almost be described as old-fashioned. While every member of the Honeywick team brings a unique set of skills to each project, there is one trait we all share – a passion for helping people. We’re a hard-working group of kind-hearted dog lovers, technophiles, creatives, avid readers, research geeks, early birds and night owls, sticklers for good writing, data junkies, and champions of local business. Get to know more about who you’ll be working with when you choose Honeywick to help with your website and marketing needs.

Diane Watts-Roy PhD, Honeywick, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, SEO, Branding, Graphic Design Diane M. Watts-Roy, Honeywick, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, Website Hosting, Google Partner
CEO & Director of Marketing

Diane Watts-Roy

Diane’s entrepreneurial spark started with childhood lemonade stands, while her love of understanding and helping people was fostered through a Ph.D. in Sociology. Combining those interests with decades of writing and analytics experience, her marketing approach is eclectic, data-driven and grounded in a desire to make a positive difference.

Jeff Watts-Roy, Honeywick, Website Design, software development, Web Hosting in Louisville, SEO, Branding, Graphic Design, wordpress hosting, website design company Jeff Watts-Roy, Web Hosting, Website Design and Development, Custom Software Solutions
Director of Information Technology

Jeff Watts-Roy

With a step to his left and a flick to the right, Jeff catches that mirror way out West, and when it comes to managing the technical side of Honeywick, he is the best.  With a programming and database development background, Jeff’s eyes are keen to logic and detail – he puts customer satisfaction above all else.

Samantha Elwood, Honeywick, Website Design, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, SEO, Branding, Graphic Design, Project Management Samantha Elwood, Honeywick, Project Management, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, Website Hosting, WordPress Management
Project Director

Samantha Elwood

While holding an English B.A. with a focus on Creative Writing, Samantha struggles with writing bios. Her passions include collaboration, organization and problem solving which makes project management easy and enjoyable. Determined to give her clients what they need to succeed, she’ll stop at nothing to do so.

Cat Louis, Honeywick, Graphic design, logo design, branding, rebranding consultant Cat Louis, Honeywick, Branding, creative design, graphic design, branding design, logo design
Creative Director, Visual Designer

Cat Louis

Cat (meow) lives and breathes all things creative. Design, Interpretive Dance. Why not? She’s a color connoisseur, a font savant, and a dynamo of design-amo. She enjoys finding fresh and innovative approaches to creative projects, being a #boss of branding, and fighting the good fight against Comic Sans.

Ryan Thornton, Illustrator, Custom illustrations, graphic design, graphic design agency, logo design, graphic design website Ryan Thornton, Honeywick, Web Design, Custom Illustration, Software Solutions, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing Agency
Digital & Traditional Illustrator

Ryan Thornton

Ryan is an artist and illustrator born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. With an adaptive style and a love for new challenges, he can create anything from a colorful cartoon dog for your website, to a photo realistic portrait of your company’s founder for your monthly newsletter. He loves the tactile feel of traditional art supplies and the versatile nature of digital art. Whatever your project, he’s the guy for your illustration needs.

Carly Arnold, Honeywick, Social Media Marketing, Advertising Agency, SEO services, Website design and development Carly Arnold, Honeywick, Social Media Agency, Marketing Services, Web Hosting, Custom Software Development, Website Design Agency, Branding Agency
Social Media Strategist

Carly Arnold

A passion for creating has been a part of Carly’s life ever since she can remember. Everything from taking photos to editing videos, Carly is here to help you and your business flourish in the social media world. Bringing a new and improved look to your social media accounts, Carly creates content that’s educational, engaging, and of course, aesthetically pleasing to the audience.

Grace Hartman, Honeywick, Content Creation, Web Hosting, Project Management, Branding, Digital Marketing, SEO Marketing Grace Hartman, Honeywick, Website design and development, Project management, Content Creation, Branding, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing service, SEO marketing
Content Creator & Project Assistant

Grace Hartman

With an interest in written eloquence stretching from a burgeoning enthusiasm for handcrafted manuscripts during her childhood to a continued educational focus in professional writing, Grace has a history with her hands on the keyboard (or paper) and a mile-long creative streak investigating new ways to etch ideas into the fabric of real-world situations.

Maeve Watts-Roy, Honeywick Marketing Firm, Web Design Services, Social Media Agency, Branding Agency, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Website Development Maeve Watts-Roy, social media marketing, email marketing, graphic design, marketing services, digital marketing agency
Marketing Strategist

Maeve Watts-Roy

Equal parts creative and analytical, Maeve wears many hats – of social media, SEO, and marketing coordinator, content writer, graphic design assistant & resident pickle-connoisseur, hence the broad title of “Marketing Strategist.” Similarly difficult to pin down on the physical plane, she occupies her free time trail & road running, hiking, biking, and meandering. 

George Watts-Roy, Honeywick, Dog Mascots of Kentucky, Website development and design, web hosting, WordPress, Branding Agency, SEO, Social Media Management George Watts-Roy, Honeywick, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, Website Hosting, Morale Officer, Treat Connoisseur
Chief Morale Officer

George Watts-Roy

Pawsitive to the bone, George boasts over 56 🐶 years of experience in the morale industry. Beyond emotional support, he offers cuddles & lovable looks at all hours of the day. When he’s not on the job, you can find him napping in laundry baskets & sunlit corners. 

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What is

Since 2012, Honeywick has been a local website and marketing agency with an open door policy. No matter the age or size of your business, we welcome anyone and everyone to come into our office – located in the historic Glassworks building in downtown Louisville – and sit down with us to chat about how you want to grow. As a small business as well, we believe in the little guy along with the big guy, and look forward to learning more about how we can help you!

Honeywick, Diane Watts-Roy, Jeff Watts-Roy, Louisville Kentucky Website Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization

SynergyDev Creates First Website

1998 X

At the edge of the aughts, Jeff and Diane Watts-Roy launched SynergyDev with the goal of designing and developing websites for small and medium-sized businesses while based out of Louisville, Kentucky. Little did they know what SynergyDev would become in the coming years.

First e-Commerce Website Launches

2000 X

Two years, and many lead-generation websites later, SynergyDev dove into the world of e-commerce websites with the launch of MJ Corral and expanded their service offerings. As the world became more in tune with the internet, SynergyDev stayed a step ahead.

Google Certified Agency Louisville Kentucky Digital Marketing Experts, Social Media Management, SEO, Web Design, Graphic Design, Google Partner, Award Winning Web Design & Marketing Agency, Honeywick

SEO is Added to Service Offerings

2005 X

Halfway through the 2000s, SynergyDev expanded their list of services again to include an increasingly important aspect of establishing an online presence – Search Engine Optimization. Jeff and Diane understood from early on that having a website wasn’t the only thing businesses needed to be successful online. Well executed SEO was required, too.

First WordPress Website Goes Live

2011 X

After 12 years of developing websites using ASP.net, SynergyDev shifted their focus to using the WordPress blogging platform to design and develop websites. The shift to WordPress proved to be a smart decision with 43% of websites on the internet using the WordPress platform as of 2021.

Jeff Watts-Roy Partner Honeywick, Founder Synergy Dev, IT Services, Microsoft Certified Developer

SynergyDev Rebrands & Honeywick is Born

2012 X

The next year, SynergyDev rebranded as Honeywick but that was not the only big move for the company at the time. Honeywick also established their first office in the Nucleus Innovation building in downtown Louisville, KY and launched their own website to expand their reach outside of word of mouth.

Honeywick Day, Honeywick, December 12, 2012, Web Marketing Agency, Web Design Agency, Branding, Graphic Design, Website Hosting

Honeywick Day is Established

2012 X

December 12th of the same year became a celebratory day for the newly rebranded business. Louisville’s Mayor, Greg Fischer, announced that 12/12/12 would be known as Honeywick Day moving forward.

Honeywick Hosting Takes Off

2014 X

When the opportunity to purchase a national hosting company presented itself, Jeff and Diane made the decision to expand Honeywick once again. With the establishment of Honeywick Hosting, Honeywick not only offered design, development, and marketing services but also secure and affordable hosting.

Honeywick Web Design & Development, Website Hosting, Web Marketing, Graphic Design, Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Custom Illustrations, SEO

Downtown Louisville Office Opens

2015 X

As the expansion of services continued, Honeywick quickly outgrew their first offices in the Nucleus Innovation building. Looking for a larger space that matched the creativity and ingenuity of the brand, Honeywick moved into the Glassworks Building on the corner of 9th and Market.

Honeywick Google Partner Agency Louisville Kentucky, Google AdWords, Google Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, PPC, Digital Ads, Display Ads, Internet Marketing

Honeywick Becomes a Google Partner

2015 X

A decade after Diane Watts-Roy delved into the world of Search Engine Optimization, she had become an expert in the field. Honeywick met the Performance, Spend and Certifications to become a Google Partner and began offering a deeper SEO strategy to clients.

The Team Begins to Expand

2016 X

Just shy of 20 years in the business of website design and development and digital marketing, Honeywick began to expand with the hire of two new team members. Senior Project Manager, Samantha Elwood, and Art Director, Cat Louis, joined the Honeywick team.

Honeywick is a top notch Louisville web design and development agency offering a comprehensive selection of services to help represent and grow your business or organization.

We Learn We Can Handle Anything

2020 X

On Friday, March 13th, the Honeywick team left the office expecting to return the following Monday but, little did we know, it would be over a year before we were together again. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that we can withstand changes in business and adapt to continue to offer top of the line service to our clients through anything from anywhere.

$1,000,000 is Spent on Google Ads

2021 X

2021 saw Honeywick cross the million dollar mark in Google Advertising spend. Every penny of the Google Ad spend went towards seeing the success of Honeywick clients with the various businesses Honeywick works with seeing 110,547,151 ad impressions by the end of the year.

New & Improved Website Launches

2022 X

After a decade of helping businesses of all types and sizes make their marks on the World Wide Web and see success in online advertising, Honeywick made the decision to improve our own online image with the launch of a new, improved website of our own.

Web Design, Web Marketing, Custom Software, Website Hosting, Branding, Illustrations, Advertising - Honeywick Louisville Kentucky

Ready to See What’s Next!

202? X

The future of Honeywick is bright and we’re excited to see what’s next! Maybe that means working with you on bringing your business dreams to life through the creation of a new website or improving your business’ online presence. We’re ready when you are and are only a phone call away!


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