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Read All About It! Honeywick and the Restoration of the Gaffney House

When Honeywick has a hand in the projects we take on, we tend to be pretty proud of the finished...
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WordPress CMS is Honeywick's preferred website platform. Learn more about the 8 reasons why!

WordPress CMS: Is It Better?

As a website design and development company in Louisville, KY, Honeywick has been around the block when it comes to ...
5 Louisville Donation Drives in 2023 Louisville Holiday Donation Drives

Giving Back: 5 Louisville Donation Drives in 2023

As fierce allies of our community, we firmly believe in giving back to our neighbors in any way that we ...
Best Coffee Shops in Louisville Kentucky from Honeywick company

Inside the Hivemind: Honeywickers’ Favorite Coffee Shops in Louisville

At Honeywick, we love a good walk, we love supporting small businesses, and we’d steal your puppy for a good ...