Our Favorite (Free) Places To Get Active In Downtown Louisville



May 28, 2024

In a world where it feels like you have to pay for everything and free third-places are few and far between, the Honeywick team enjoys surfing the fine line between supporting local businesses and finding free things to do. So, we thought we’d curate a list that has a few of our favorite things — spaces to get out, get active, and experience what downtown Louisville has to offer without bringing your wallet!

We love visiting green spaces to decompress and recenter ourselves (did you know that just hanging out with trees can have major health benefits?). On many days, rain or shine, you can find us haunting the locales on our list, especially those with pickleball. We really like pickleball.

We’re pretty sure that just about anyone will find something to do at:

Waterfront Park

A staple of Louisville! Coming into Louisville from Indiana, Waterfront Park is visible from all the bridges, spanning 85 acres along the Ohio River. If you’re looking for a laid-back path, you can walk, bike, jog, or roller skate the 2.2-mile perimeter loop. Keep an eye out for the public art installations, including:

Kids can also have a blast at the Children’s Play Area or the Adventure Playground and Splash Park!

Big 4 Bridge

The Big Four Bridge is actually a part of Waterfront Park. The ramp to access it is in the middle of the park, and those who make the 0.5-mile walk across will find themselves in the the middle of the Big Four Station Park in Jeffersonville! This is a great way to walk from Indiana to Kentucky and explore on both sides. Downtown Jeffersonville has lots of cute shops and local restaurants to walk through, and Waterfront Park is just a few blocks from Nulu and the rest of downtown Louisville. The Big Four Bridge is a great car-free option for adventurous pedestrians and cyclists, and it’s beautiful when lit up at night in a variety of multicolored lights! The only downside, in our opinion, is that dogs are not currently allowed on the bridge.

Baird Urban Sports Park

Perhaps one of the most unique spaces that we’ve come across, the Baird Urban Sports Park is situated right smack dab on Main Street. It’s a reclaimed space between an architectural firm and the Fund for the Arts non-profit office. This little slice of a sports haven features two pickleball courts (they’re speaking our language) and a wiffleball field. Open Play at Baird Urban Sports Park is Monday – Saturday, 10am – 8pm. However, companies and organizations also have the ability to reserve the space for private events. The city provides pickleball nets, so bring a ball and a paddle or a bat and have some fun!

Central Park

For those willing to venture a little bit outside of downtown, Central Park is a great green space to take a walk around. Located in the heart of Old Louisville & designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, this park stretches 16.67 acres and includes:

  • A volleyball court
  • 3 tennis courts
  • A brand-new sprayground
  • A playground
  • Plenty of fun to be had

We love taking our dogs on a walk around the park loop, or exploring some of the nearby walking courts of Old Louisville: St. James, Belgravia, & Floral Terrace, just to name a few. Did you know that Old Louisville is the nation’s largest contiguous collection of Victorian-era homes?

And, in the summer, Shakespeare in the Park and the new Old Louisville Farmer’s Market is the perfect excuse to visit!

Logan Street Market

If you’re looking for an engaging, all-in-one market to get your steps in, then Logan Street Market would be one of our top choices! This 25,000 square-foot warehouse is Louisville’s first public market. It’s full of delicious food, drinks, and some pretty cool local artisan shops. In the back, there’s a (not-so) secret event space that happens to double as a free-to-the-public pickleball court! We actually mentioned this in our blog on company culture, but Honeywick held our annual Christmas party there!

Just, one thing: the floors are pretty smooth, so be sure to bring shoes that have some traction. That was our personal and hard-earned lesson.

Dave Armstrong Extreme Park

For those seeking a more niche playground of sorts, the Dave Armstrong Extreme Park is a great, free skate park that Louisville has offered since 2002. In its 40,000 square foot area, the skate park features a 24-foot full-pipe, a wooden vert ramp, and plenty of bowl space. It’s located just a few blocks away from Waterfront Park and has plenty of parking around. Skateboards, longboards, in-line skates, and bikes are all welcome from 6am-11pm every day!

Champion’s Park, Dog Park, and Disc Golf Course

In the 222 acres of Champion’s Park on the corner of Zorn and River Road, there is tons of space to get active. Throw a frisbee or a ball, take a walk on the ~1 mile walking path, or take advantage of the full, 18-hole disc golf course! Dogs are always welcome here, and if you’re a member of the Louisville Dog Run Association, there’s a popular small and big dog-split dog park. If you’re not, then there is still lots of grass for them to sniff around (leashed, of course).

Falls of the Ohio State Park

Yes, yes, we know we’re technically cheating on this one. Because technically, the Falls of the Ohio State Park is located in Clarksville, IN. But technically, you can see this state park from The Belvedere, which is peak downtown Louisville. So, we thought, why not? (Also, it’s one of Jeff’s favorite geological and archeological hotspots!)

It’s practically a fossil – quite literally, being the world’s most accessible Devonian-age fossil beds. It’s a great place to explore and get some steps in. Hiking, walking, fishing, jogging, dog-walking, bird-watching – do it all at the Falls!

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