Honeywick’s Summer ‘Fun and Done’s!



June 28, 2024

Ahh, summer. From childhood, the season has always been filled with sun, free-time, sleep-away camps, pool trips, vacations- all the fun things that we took for granted. As adults, Honeywick still likes to find the joy in the simple things like summer. In fact, we quite like having the autonomy to pick and choose what we dub our ‘Fun and Done’s for the summer of 2024. Follow along for a few highlights from the Honeywick team!

Sam: Kentuckiana Pride Festival

So far, this summer in Louisville has been a fabulous one! The wonderful weather that welcomed the season has given way for the typical heat, but that didn’t affect any of the fun had at the Kentuckiana Pride Festival. My best friend and I went, not only to see your favorite artist’s favorite artist, Chappell Roan, but also to support the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community that call our city home. It was a wonderful experience, not only seeing the different performers throughout the day and night, but also being surrounded by people who, despite the crowds and heat, remained positive and cheerful. I’ll look back on the 2024 Kentuckiana Pride Festival fondly for years to come and encourage anyone who has not yet attended to keep an eye out for next year’s festivities!

Maeve: Waterfront Wednesday and Blues Festivals

I’ve attended both Waterfront Wednesday events! These are always fun; a great way to catch great music for free! I loved seeing DEHD, S.G. Goodman, & Phosphorescent in particular.

I also went to the Schnitzelburg Walk in May and accidentally stumbled into the Blues Festival in June. Living in the Schnitzelburg/Germantown area, I love the sense of community and walkability to the neighborhood, especially in the summer months.

Jeff: Pickleball and Golf

This summer, I’ve really been into pickleball and golf. I’ve had a lot of good games at Good Bounce on River Road and the Baird Sports Complex on Main Street. As for golfing, our team outing to Top Golf was a highlight for me! Other golf courses have given me a good time too, so there’s something to be said about tradition.

Hailey: CM Chicken

One of my favorite activities to do in Louisville is try out all of the delicious food!! We have so many great restaurants here, so it’s always difficult to choose where to go. I love Korean food, especially Korean fried chicken, so when I heard CM Chicken opened in Louisville, I knew I had to go! And let me tell you, I was not disappointed! Even during the dinner rush with a line out the door, the service was incredibly fast and everyone was so friendly. The chicken was so crispy and tossed in the most amazing soy garlic sauce, which was a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. It perfectly satisfied the fried chicken craving and I will definitely be going back for more!

Grace: Shakespeare in the Park

Summertime for me means Shakespeare in the Park! As both an English grad and a theatre nerd, these free performances are always a highlight of my week. I recently went to see their performance of Romeo and Juliet and I’m really look forward to seeing The Comedy of Errors and The Tempest later this summer. My honest review of Romeo and Juliet is a 10/10 would recommend.

Now, Romeo and Juliet truthfully isn’t my favorite Shakespeare play (EVERYTHING could have been avoided so easily), but the Shakespeare in the Park troupe really outdid themselves. One of my favorite parts of seeing these Shakespeare plays come to life is experiencing how the performers inject the humor and nuance and life back into what many people would consider outdated or boring pieces of literature. Read in a classroom in the traditional novel-style, I can see how students and adults alike might have trouble following along. But that’s because they weren’t meant to be read as a novel in a classroom. They were meant to be performed with powerful inflections and comedic timing and over-the-top movements.

If you’ve never experienced a Shakespeare play performed by a Shakespearean-trained performance group, you can’t pass up a free opportunity like Shakespeare in the Park. The acting styles and comprehension skills that the performers possess are crucial to a good performance, and are so different from modern plays and musicals. My personal favorites from the performance I watched were by the performers acting for Mercutio, the Nurse, the Friar, and Juliet. They had an incredible grasp on their characters, and delivered their lines impeccably. I’ve seen Romeo and Juliet in several forms with several actors. But this time, I truly understood it in a way I never have before. The humor hit, the characters were relatable, and the experience was fit for the Globe Theatre.

Gillen: Lou City Soccer Games

This summer, I’ve attended a few Lou City soccer games with my family. Going to the games with my parents was one thing I missed this past year while away at school. It’s been great to attend them again and spend quality time with my family!

Diane: Bryant’s Blueberries

I made it to Bryant’s Blueberries for my annual berry picking pilgrimage in June…. not only do I find the whole experience almost meditative, but I absolutely love blueberries and would choose blueberry pie over birthday cake any day of the year.

I’ve picked blueberries at a lot of places over the years, and Bryant’s is truly one of my favorites. Located off the beaten path in New Salisbury, Indiana, it has an old-fashioned, laid-back vibe that is very relaxing. Now, after years of visiting, it is also nostalgic for me. If you want to go, then you bring your own bag or bucket and pick all you want. They weigh your bounty at the end and accept checks and cash.

Sidenote: They have a lot of different types of blueberries. This year I hung out in the Blue Jay rows. The berries I picked seemed larger than last year and they were as delicious as ever!

Carly: Wednesday’s Child Golf Scramble

I was fortunate enough to play in the 1st Annual Wednesday’s Child Golf Scramble along with Sam and Jeff. It was a fun day of golf that was full of laughter and, most importantly, it was a day to help raise money for the children. A huge thank you and shoutout to the kind and amazing staff that put this event together!

Go and Explore Louisville!

Recently, some Honeywick blueberry lovers took a trip over to Diane’s favorite blueberry farm. It was a great time and there are now rumors of blueberry cobblers, blueberry bran muffins, and blueberry-lemon Bundt cakes around the office. Don’t be shy to check the kitchen if you come visit us!

So, there you have it – some of our June ‘Fun and Done’s. We’re very proud of our city and all the events and activities the region offers to residents, so go out and explore! Around Lou, there is never a lack of things to do if you look for them. Louisville Tourism has a full calendar of events, but you’ll also find Facebook Groups, flyers, and more around the city. We hope to see you out and about, enjoying your summer as we do ours!

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