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How Would a Consultation Help?

For those looking for a change without knowing exactly what needs to change, Honeywick offers a thorough Consultation service to take you through the proper process in figuring out what steps need to be taken to guide you to where you want to be professionally. We take a personal approach – getting to know you and your process well enough that our understanding reaches through for a collaborative experience – so that we can meet you where you and your business are. Once we have a grasp of the necessary foundational knowledge, we dive even deeper to provide you with a specially-curated SWOT analysis for insights into your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, which will help us develop a series of multiple solutions with good/better/best sub-facets. Your exposure to all your options ranks high on our list of priorities, so that when the time comes for decisions to be made, you are equipped with every tool Honeywick Consultation has to offer for an informed decision that’s best for you.

The First Steps to a Tangible Product

One of the best benefits that Honeywick Consultation extends to clients is the opportunity for proof of concept. As the most critical step in obtaining funding and generating interest in a project, our Consultation services work to get a tangible product to demonstrate up and running in order for the process of production to continue. This step is a necessity for all new ideas, and Honeywick welcomes consultation clients from mature, established brands with the intent to refresh their brand, change marketing directions, or update their strategies for optimization, as well as smaller businesses or start-ups who need a rough-draft budget estimate and a solid testament to the viability of their concept. No matter where the idea is coming from, Honeywick seeks to open the necessary doors for your success.

Difference Without Change

As a collaborative company at our roots, Honeywick extends this cooperative characteristic to our Consultation service with the distinct ability to partner with existing members of your team – including services and agencies that you and your business already engage with. Our goal will never be to take over any operation of yours, nor change anything about the people you employ or the way you do things, but to strengthen them by equipping you with additional tools that lend to your success. We aim to be a positive addition to your business without the threat of change to your mode of operation, and take the proper steps to integrate flawlessly into your process, your team, and your brand.

When the time comes for decisions to be made, you are equipped with every tool Honeywick Consultation has to offer for an informed decision that’s best for you.

We’re ready to partner on your consultation.



Thinking about starting a new business and need some marketing or tech guidance? Toying with branded signage or packaging and want expert advice? Vying for start up money and thinking a wireframe, presentation deck, or project mock could help make the difference? The Honeywick team provides a wide range of consultative services to individuals and teams at every phase of the business incubation process.

Honeywick Consultation services provide:

  • Grounded, results-oriented guidance
  • An anthropocentric approach, not an avaricious one
  • Experienced IT and Marketing teams to consult with
  • An open-ear to any new business idea
  • Harmonious collaboration, not forceful
Honeywick offers web marketing, website development, graphic design, branding, hosting and more, to clients in Louisville Kentucky and across the U.S.

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Consultation at Every Phase

Honeywick was founded in 2012 by two individuals who discovered a way to bundle their talents and network their way into the business world – we’re no strangers to the difficulties and challenges that come with starting a business up. That’s why we make you a consultative priority regardless of whether your new business is merely a blossoming idea, a proposal in the works of getting approved, or taking its first, coltish steps into becoming a brand. There’s no one avenue to take when it comes to potential approaches for establishment, and our services not only embrace that diversity, but utilize it so that you know that the ‘correct’ steps to success aren’t definitive, but abundant and available for your employment.

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