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How Can I Distinguish My Project?

With so many projects flowing in and out of existence each day, it can be difficult to find new ways to set your project and your business apart from your competition. Honeywick’s Custom Illustration services work with the best illustrators and artists in Kentucky, who, in turn, work with you to give your project facets that aren’t manufactured or featured anywhere else in the world. In a manner that goes hand in hand with personal branding, Custom Illustrations add unique visual interest that can become a trademark of your project – something that distinguishes you from everyone else who doesn’t boast exceptional illustrations from talented artists that were commissioned by you, for you.

The Deeper Meaning Made Visual

When marketing and professional digital content are conceptualized, there can be a surprising lack of expected emotion either from the content or from the audience – what matters are the numbers that come out of whatever response the content incites. With Custom Illustration, the artistic touch incorporates an element of story-telling from your brand in the visual portrayal of concepts that are difficult to explain verbally, yet pull customers in with an interest that roots past superficial elements of marketing. Here at Honeywick, we value the faces behind a brand, their journey, their desires, and their goals – the unquantifiable elements. Custom Illustration not only contributes to the development and depth of a brand, but also to the story it tells the audience, because we appreciate all aspects of individuality and personal investment.

Why Custom?

With such emphasis and toil put into developing a brand that reflects you and your business to the public, Honeywick ascertains no expense is spared for your utilization in the critical venture of building and maintaining your brand. Custom Illustration provides imagery that is unique to you instead of a product found somewhere on the web that might do, with just a few details compromised. This service is one that seeks to eliminate compromise – this is yours, wholly and completely meant for your consumption. As a reflection of Honeywick’s Photography and Videography services, Custom Illustrations are cultivated in the same way to your particular voice and style so that you can market yourself as accurately and optimally as possible.

Custom Illustration not only contributes to the development and depth of a brand, but also to the story it tells the audience…

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When it comes to customization, illustration takes the cake for applications and scope of project. Our Custom Illustration service offers far beyond what you might consider to be achievable when it comes to branding, marketing a specific feeling, or giving life to desired visuals that photographs never seem to do justice.

Our offered services:

  • Portraits/Staff Illustrations
  • Website Illustrations
  • Mural Art (digital art applied with heat wrap)
  • Comics
  • Posters/Illustrated Flyers
  • Editorial Illustrations
  • Album Covers
  • Book Covers
  • T-Shirt/Swag Designs
  • Custom Artwork for Packaging
  • Custom Gifs

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Website Illustration

In order to crack down on every creative avenue for your website, website illustration is a powerful tool to use when it comes to creative expression. Without having to find time to put away for a photoshoot or compromising the uniqueness of your services, website illustration takes the best of both worlds and delivers a product that your website can build off of. Constructed from the ground up, this feature of our Custom Illustration service is geared towards digital expression, but comes in any style you might want it to. There are no limits when it comes to illustrations made specifically for you and your website!

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