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Digital Marketing constitutes an incomprehensible proportion of Honeywick’s success in the digital world. The value of our Digital Marketing service is unbeatable – granting affordability, flexibility, and variety to clients regarding options and approaches. With the ability to reach people all 24 hours of the day, all 7 days of the week, and 365 days of the year with simultaneous marketing strategies, digital marketing encompasses a greater market for audiences to consume, but with more competition and meaningless white-noise distraction. Honeywick mitigates the effort you have to put into managing and maintaining your place in that market whilst simultaneously optimizing your presence for effectiveness. The digital age has allowed an increased opportunity to narrow targeted audiences down to ultra-specific demographics, psychographics, hobbies, and interests; this leads to exact and exhaustive methods of measurement and trackable data points that feed us constant insight into the success of a campaign, which Honeywick employs to keep you digitally relevant.

What Makes Honeywick Different?

Our specialists here at Honeywick have been exploring digital marketing before it rose to be the primary market for advertising – our knowledge, experience, and annual testing and evaluation to remain a Google partner speak for themselves . But beyond our experience, we put a big focus on collaboration and flexibility – we don’t have to run the operation to be a part of your team, meaning if you only need one side of our services and not the other, we’ll find a way to offer an agile, communicative, proactive solution to get you what you need while we contribute the quality work we pride ourselves in. We offer all aspects of creating, managing, and optimizing Google Ad and social media campaigns, merging the necessary humanistic aspect of marketing with an accomplished and competent AI application for peak performance.

A Foot in Every Door

The relationships we maintain with our clients aren’t the only ones that contribute to Honeywick’s success in digital marketing – we also ensure we cover all bases by upholding persistent, regular contact with media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google representatives. By doing this, we carefully monitor any and all trends, changes, updated practices and techniques, and all the other traffic that could impact your digital marketing presence. With this guaranteed awareness and deep dive into digital knowledge, news, and experience, we’re able to provide a customized digital marketing experience focused on your KPIs – or key performance indicators – to evaluate campaigns and provide guidance for both current and future efforts.

Digital Marketing produces exact and exhaustive methods of measurement and trackable data points that feed us constant insight into the success of a campaign, which Honeywick employs to keep you digitally relevant.

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When it comes to digital marketing, we’re committed to doing what truly works, providing seasoned guidance, and maintaining available ongoing evaluation every step of the way. Our tailored, customized approach is designed to help you get the most bang for your buck with an intensive report on your returns so that you hold the power of your marketing scope while remaining backed by Honeywick’s expert team.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Digital marketing strategy and planning
  • Google advertising campaigns (keyword, display, retargeting, video, and shopping ads)
  • YouTube advertising
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok)
  • Email marketing
  • Third party platforms (Amazon, Wayfair)
  • Geofencing campaigns
  • SEO blogging
  • Digital press releases
  • SMS marketing
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Our Digital Marketing service is the seed from which many of our other individual marketing services root from – it’s the original. With so many aspects making up this service, however, you’re sure to get an experience that works for you, your goals, and your budget. We don’t claim a bang for your buck for nothing around here – our goal as a small business with specialties in all these previously inaccessible marketing tactics lies in making them affordable in order to promote growth in the companies that invest in us as they trust their market to our services. None of our resources are left under lock and key when it comes to our clients – the approach we take is designed to be exactly what you need it to be.

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