Honeywick provides professional project management services throughout all projects including custom website design and development.

Maintenance at Every Level

With an organizational manager commanding your project here at Honeywick at all times, from the minute our collaboration begins, we guarantee a responsive, communicative experience between our team and you. Our Project Management services are essential in that assurance, which is why we provide the same service with every Honeywick agreement – be that a custom website design and development project, commissioned improvements to an existing website, the optimization of an inherited website, or any of the additional services Honeywick offers. With an omniscient eye, a clipboard of checklists, and the drive for perfection on all fronts, our project manager plays a critical role in delivering our trademark reliability and punctuality, so you can rest easy knowing that they’re on your side for the entire duration of your time with us.

The Bridge for Representation

Each project Honeywick takes on is an intricately-constructed enterprise with contributions from different members of our team for a final product that’s unlike what you’d get anywhere else. Our project manager is the glue – not just between each participating member of Honeywick, but between our members and you, the client – acting as a veritable translator between your vision and the result of each step brought into existence. This service ensures that what you want and what gets done is a seamless, streamlined series of ideas to tasks to presentations to completion, so that your needs are met and that the product, as well as its functionality, represents your business the way you want it to. This covers the introduction of additions, subtractions, and any other change that might occur over the course of production, along with active monitoring of quality and satisfaction throughout the process.

Focused Attention for Every Project

Our priority here at Honeywick is you and being an active aid in your success; therefore, our main goal is providing effective strategies and powerful designs in an efficient manner to set you up for tangible growth and achievement. No matter the size of your project or the target service you come to Honeywick for, our Project Management services remain at a consistent level of high-caliber functionality across the board. It is the embodiment of our services in a friendly face that represents who we are as a company and what we do for you, all included in your journey with us so that you walk away with a reality that you’re satisfied with, and that will boost your business to the level you expect to come out of Honeywick’s services.

Our Project Management Service ensures that what you want and what gets done is a seamless, streamlined series of ideas to tasks to presentations to completion, so that your needs are met and that the product, as well as its functionality, represents your business the way you want it to.

We’re ready to partner on your project management.



With great ideas comes a great project manager, and we take that to heart when it comes to each and every project brought to our table. We ensure that we cut no corners when it comes to quality and keeping you in the loop with any updates and changes, or when providing technical support when you need it.

Our Project Management service features:

  • Technical Support from Start to Finish
  • Guidance on Best Design Practices
  • Personal Contact for Change Requests
  • Continuous Updates on Project Status
  • Expertise in Best Development Approaches to Follow
  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Backend Functionality Walk Throughs
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Your Personal Guide

Our project manager has a foot in every door that Honeywick employs for your project – that means you get all the information you need at the (metaphorical) snap of your fingers. Our project manager assures you a personal conduit throughout website projects and other service needs. As a representative of who we are and the work we do – the concierge of Honeywick, if you will – you’re guaranteed nothing but the best as you’re taken through the steps of a successful business endeavor, helping to incite growth where you need it.

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