Why Does Search Engine Optimization Matter?

Search engine optimization is an umbrella term used to describe lots of different tactics designed to get websites to perform better in search. When you share web content that you want people to find online, you quickly realize the importance of utilizing as many of those tactics as possible due to the sheer volume of content put out by different entities on a daily basis. Just because you publish something on a website doesn’t ensure that anyone will ever find it or read it. Search engine optimization is at the heart of the solution working towards making your web content readily accessible and easily discoverable, particularly for those you are most interested in reaching, and is the foundation to effective digital marketing.

What Does Search Engine Optimization entail?

With billions of web pages to sort through in a matter of milliseconds, how do search engines like Google or Bing work to best rank websites following a search query? Search engine optimization works to successfully leverage the hundreds of different factors impacting search results and involves the project work included in optimizing a website, as well as the ongoing work to promote web content in the search engines over time. Progress is carefully monitored and reported in detailed analyses with tools like Google Analytics, webmaster portals, and our expert eye, which also oversees regular keyword research and updates. One of the biggest facets of Honeywick SEO services is access to a personal informant of any development or variation that goes on involving major search engines so that your content is constantly and religiously optimized for best performance.

What Does SEO Success Look Like?

While success for traditional advertising techniques like billboards and print ads are largely based on generalizations and rough estimates, the digital space includes many free tools to measure all aspects of performance. A successful SEO campaign is based on key metrics that include trackable data like unique site visitors, average length of time on a site, and individual page performance. Conversion tracking through sales, phone calls, appointment scheduling, contact form inquiries, and more are other, critical components used in measuring the success of an SEO campaign. Our services offer you an expert to bridge the content you want to put out and the level of success that it performs at, so that you can rest assured in the knowledge you’re being advantageously marketed.

Launching a website without implementing a search engine optimization strategy is like having a restaurant without a sign or a menu.

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Search Engine Optimization “SEO” is a phrase used to describe a wide range of tactics, and is ultimately designed to help websites perform better in Google and other search engines. With over 15 years of experience, Honeywick provides a proven approach to SEO that delivers ongoing, measurable results so that you can see the growth in real time, as well.

Our SEO services include the following:

  • Detailed keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Metatag implementation
  • Use of high performing SEO tools
  • SEO-grounded content strategy
  • Detailed reporting
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Considering how much of our daily life the internet has woven its way into, it’s easy to forget that it hasn’t been there for that long in the scheme of things. The term ‘digital marketing’ didn’t even come around until the mid-90s, when the general public began to gain access to computers and the internet as it was. But our SEO savant? Over 15 years of experience has been put towards SEO practices, with the interest extending past a professional sphere and into a personal curiosity, which is what drives the quality of our SEO-centered marketing tactics. So when you see the results of our services, you can be assured that each aspect put into obtaining those results was a personal endeavor as well as a professional one.

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