Pickleball, Parties, Polls, and Strolls: A Glance into Honeywick’s Positive Work Culture



January 5, 2024

When it comes to the best business practices, Honeywick likes to take a rather holistic approach. This means not only providing a collaborative, supportive, and friendly environment for our clients, but also focusing on our office environment to provide a fun and conducive workplace for our team. Our business was founded on a positive work culture, and this continues to be one of our top priorities, each and every day.

The Importance of Company Culture

From our perspective, company culture is the oil that keeps the machine running smoothly. Working in close quarters with our close-knit team of industry experts, the office atmosphere plays a large role in the collective office mood. By having a positive work culture that encourages fun and flexibility and emphasizes community, our team members know that we always have what they need to succeed. There’s always a hand to help, a piece of chocolate to nibble, a quiet corner to decompress, or a friendly conversation floating around!

Our company culture of care, kindness, community, positivity, support, and fun keeps our office light-hearted and productive. We attribute much of our success to the company culture that we’ve built and the inter-office familiarity we continually develop. At the end of the day, creativity flourishes and goals are met when a positive work culture is prioritized.

Just Honeywick Things

So, how does Honeywick cultivate our company culture? Take a look into some of the things that make Honeywick Honeywick!

The Annual Honeywick Christmas Party

Every year in December, the Honeywick folks take a half-day off of work to go out and celebrate the holidays and the community that we have in our office. Last year, we gathered at Noble Funk Pizza and Brewery, while this year we explored the Logan Street Market. Pickleball and lunch were both on the docket, but the main event was our 2nd-annual dirty Santa gift exchange!

Celebrating the Team

We take every opportunity to celebrate, especially when it comes to celebrating our Honeywick family! Our gong hangs in an easy to reach spot in the the middle of our building and we use it to recognize successes, good news, project completions and many other gong-worthy moments. Each individual Honeywick team member is a valuable part of our business, and we love making everyone feel special every chance we can! From surprise-decorating offices, sharing cake, taking ice cream trips to Louisville’s Dairy Del, and feasting on Mardi Gras food and a King Cake, taking time out of the day to celebrate is a staple at the office.

Gathering Very Important and Very Serious Data

When completing our move from the Glassworks Building into our new office at 225 South 5th Street, Suite 201, there was a small whiteboard on wheels that didn’t really have a spot. But good news! It found its home in the common area of the office, and now proudly holds polls for our team members to partake in as they pass by. Right now, we have a big debate on what the best holiday drink is:

  1. Eggnog
  2. Hot Chocolate
  3. Peppermint Mocha
  4. Hot Toddy
  5. Hot Apple Cider

Creed, the Hidden Office Baby

Remember that King Cake we mentioned? Well, we had so much fun trying to find the plastic baby included that we could not bear to throw it away. This is how the legend of Creed was born – named after the band for his wide-open arms. Instead of finding his end in a landfill, Creed the plastic baby now floats around the office, hiding in nooks and crannies. When someone spots him, it becomes their responsibility to relocate him, and the hide-and-seek process starts again. If you are ever visiting the Honeywick office, keep an eye out for Creed and you might get to hide him too!

Getting Down to “The Final Countdown”

Honeywick loves a good, mid-workday pump up! Our team is always getting out and into the fresh air with a walk around the block. You might even see us with our office dogs, Teddy and George! Otherwise, we’re all about pickleball or a nice stretch session to refresh the mind and body. One of our favorite activities, however, is an invigorating round of office pushups, complete with our official pushup theme song, “The Final Countdown.”

Breaking Bread and Other Baked Goods

Honeywick is home to some brilliant in-house bakers, and we all feel lucky that we love to share our creations with each other. Our copywriter, Grace, and Marketing Strategist, Maeve, both enjoy showing up with homemade sourdough bread or cookies. The Honeywick Bakery Fairy (aka Diane) also likes to leave treats on the kitchen counter! Gluten-free muffins or a box of North Lime donuts are never out of place in the office.

Exploring the Downtown Louisville Food Scene – Including Our Own!

The Honeywick team certainly loves our food-filled downtown! Our favorite lunchtime haunt happens to be Safier, a Middle Eastern restaurant with the world’s best hummus on 4th Street. We’re also fortunate enough to be flanked by some other delicious local Louisville restaurants, such as:

  • Cheer King Star
  • Pokehana
  • Green District Salads
  • Sunergos Coffee
  • Masala Grill

Not all of our good eats come from restaurants, though! Honeywick also loves putting together a themed lunch potluck every few months. We share family recipes, try out new ones, and discover all of the secret cooking, baking, and drink-making talents on the team!

Come Experience Honeywick’s Company Culture for Yourself and Contact Us Today!

Honeywick is always happy to share our positive work culture with our current and prospective clients! We offer consultative services for business pitches, collaborative website design, experienced tech support, secure hosting, social media marketing, copywriting, Google search optimization, and a variety of marketing tactics. Drop us a line if you want to collaborate! For more info, give us a call at 502-873-3866 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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